Reclaimed, pt. 2

This board will become the bottom of a box...

Box bottom being sawn

Box bottom in clamps



Box parts ready to be assembled

  • thekiltedwoodworker

    Lovely stuff, Geremy.

    You say more in 35 words than I can say in 350. You give me more than quality woodworking to aspire to.

    Not that the brand or age matters, but I’m always interested in the tools people are using… what are the specs on that saw?

    Also, I love using reclaimed wood. Where is this wood coming from?

    • Geremy

      Thank you for the kind words.

      The saw is a Wenzloff Kenyon panel model, 20″ long, 7ppi. It proved surprisingly adept at resawing a 5″ wide board.

      The wood comes from an old house in which it served as a coat rack. The owners have hung onto these few pieces for many years.

      Best of luck in your own sawing and reclaiming adventures!

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