Olive Slab Table

Olive, walnut
17″H, 18″W, 47″L

Held aloft by a simple base, the swirling figure and decadent coloring of solid olive wood are put on display in this modern table.

The slender walnut legs project through the top, supporting its great weight with subtle arches and tapered feet.  The rich chocolate tones of the walnut pick up the darker streaks in the olive, while providing a striking contrast to the top’s lighter colors.

The top remains the point of focus thanks to its outstanding character in both figure and color.  Light oranges, reds, and streaks of purples and browns at the center give way to creamy yellows and pinks at the edges.  Years of growth and struggle are preserved in the flow of grain, at places gently following the length of the slab, at others rippling in and out of its surface, producing shimmering curls in alternating colors.

The natural shape of the edge has been enhanced by shallow gouge marks that carefully follow every twist and turn.  Thousands more such marks, each accomplished by hand, cover the bottom of the table.