Kumiko Box

Walnut, Alaskan yellow cedar
2″H, 6.25″D, 10″L

Less is more. With a slender profile and invisible joinery, this diminutive container is more than it seems.

The lid panel alone is composed of over seventy pieces of precisely fit Alaskan yellow cedar. They form the traditional asa–no–ha pattern, long a symbol of growth and endurance—less becoming more.

The simple miters at the box’s corners are actually artfully concealed dovetail joints, invisible inside and out. They quietly allow the dark bands of quartersawn walnut to flow seamlessly around the sides, while promising to hold the box together for centuries to come.

Inside, the bookmatched walnut bottom provides a subtle backdrop for the silhouette and shadows of the cedar panel above.

These small touches result in a luxuriously elegant box, appropriate anywhere a touch of quiet sophistication is called for.