In crafting furniture, I much prefer the use of my own hands and the tools they can drive, where the calmness, the deliberateness, and the humility of the craftsman is passed to the wood, and the wood in turn responds with a greater sense of strength, wholeness, and fullness. The finished piece radiates wholeness and gentleness when it is treated with those same qualities.

In concept, I create objects that not only assert their own living presence, but also imbue the space around them with palpable meaning.  In practice, my conceptual aims are achieved by eschewing the use of powered machinery and its ability to obscure, instead relying on the sensitivity of tools that encourage dialogue and relationship with material.  The result, I always hope, is work that teeters on the brink of non-being and being, that expresses the movement of absolute stillness and the sensible presence of emptiness.